Technical plans realization

Based on your project's 3D views or sketches I can realize all your technical drawings. Should it be for an exhibition stand, a shop or interior fitting, a purpose built construction, my plans can include all the necessary details to be sent into production but also to ensure the installation follow-up on site. You can transfer them to your suppliers for manufacturing or build-up team. I will find the most effective solutions to realize your project and ensure its visual rendering. A simple and fast service to release you from this incompressible working time.


You need assistance for project follow-up ?

Do you wish to completely subcontract the technical side of your project and concentrate on your client's service ? I can take care of all the manufacturing, logistics and installation of your fittings anywhere in the world with the help of my reliable network of partners. I can travel to site to meet your clients and represent your brand on your behalf.

You can also send me out on your sites to supervise their installation. After a complete brief from you on the project, I ensure your company's presence on site and become the link between your suppliers. I oversee the schedule respect and keep you informed of every stage of the project including the encountered problems if any. My good English level and my experience in site follow-up allow me to work worldwide to ensure you a smooth installation.


Let's pitch in !

You can not draw something efficiently without knowing every step of the project's requirements ! Should it be for the carpentry, steelwork, glass items... I regularly visit my suppliers and partners to discuss and understand their specific requirements in order to work in line with them and to be straightforward in my decisions. This way, I can guarantee costs and timings. I can make nearly any of your thoughts manufactured.

But I do not only work on my computer and I like being in touch with people and sites. Therefore, I can join your installation teams and participate in the build-up of your projects. My experience enables me to understand quickly the projects but also to find solutions if any problem occurs. I am always in a good mood and I love to participating to team life.

About me

about me

I love simple things of life, taking my time and enjoying what I have rather than running after what I want.
On the opposite, when working, I love twisting my mind to find solutions, check, and ensure that everything is planned. I dedicate all the required efforts to satisfy my clients and realize their projects by accompanying them.

I started working in 2000 in UK where I discovered the exhibition and fitting world. An area which was so full of challenges that it just became impossible for me to change field. By creating PlanTech, I want to offer my abilities and experience to those who have ideas in mind but are reluctant to make them become true. I will be your assistant on every step of your project with availability, rigor and organization !
A catchphrase that I love : « If there is no solution, this means there is no problem ! » - Les Shadocks by Jacques Rouxel.